“Levendula” (Lavender) Old Age Home was opened 11 years ago  to serve the needs of the growing elderly Hungarian speaking population both in Hungary and those abroad who wish to return to their native land. We provide both quality affordable long term and short term assisted care and independent living.  Located in the picturesque community of Paty in the Zsámbék Basin, a suburb 20 minutes from Budapest, the calming environment reflects our long term commitment to the health and the well-being of your loved family members, our ‘residents’.

Services and Facilities available:

  • one-room and two-room apartments, many with a balcony.
  • most apartments are suitable for two people comfortably living together.
  • disabled persons can choose from apartments for disabled on the ground floor.
  • 24 hour security services for the residents personal safety.
  • movement throughout the facility is served by 4 elevators.
  • meeting rooms are located on the ground floor to encourage social interaction between residents and for families to spend time together when visiting their loved ones.
  • our atrium and library are located next to the common dining area where residents gather together in small groups so that they do not feel alone – meal service is also available in the apartments.
  • the common dining area also serves for tea parties and other cultural meetings.
  • there is a hobby-room where residents can knit, sew or talk to their friends.
  • our massage room lets residents pamper themselves when they would like,  without leaving the facility.
  • a separate gym helps residents to care for their health.
  • residents with special needs are looked after in a separate wing of the building, so should the need arise, a resident can move here from the more independent apartment arrangement. Excellent professional medical care is available in this area to attend to the resident’s needs.
  • services available include: washing and ironing of the residents clothes, cleaning  up of the residents apartment.

“Levendula” (Lavender) is committed to providing a high standard of care for its residents as they move through the various stages of aging – at each stage different kinds of need can be met always providing residents with respect, understanding and quality care –  we will also become elderly and we would wish to be treated in a similar way as we age – this is our commitment to your loved family members.

The management of “Levendula”